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The Beeda Mega App supports both Android and iOS.

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Make safe and quick digital transactions for any service or product.


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Become a part of the Mega App revolution by getting all the daily services in one place.


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After going through the definition and the underlying premise of a mega app – covering all the steps of an industry for users, it is time to dig deeper into its foundations and see what makes it mega. Keep in mind that mega and super apps follow the same premise and share the same foundations. The two parts were the level of scope, reach, and diversity.
When compared to a single service app, Mega Apps can do even more. Where a single service app could prove instrumental in doing all the tasks related to one industry, a Mega app can do more by combining various industries under one umbrella. complete ecosystem Blackberry’s founder gave the most common and widely-accepted definition of a super app in 2010. He believed that a super app tries to make an ecosystem for users where they could do all necessary transactions of everyday life without leaving the application. Super apps are developed using the platform “Progressive Web Apps,” allowing other “mini-apps” to open in the in-app browser. This allows a simple yet hassle-free extension to other apps without specifically downloading them and providing credentials in each one before completing a multi-tier transaction.
Food delivery: Allow vendors from restaurants, cook shops, coffee Ride sharing : Our app offers luxury services, bikes, one rider, shared journey etc.. Shopping : Our multivendor shopping platform allows user to shop both from mobile and pc. Social Media : We have incorporated our own version of Instagram, tiktok and WhatsApp in our Digital Payments : Digital wallets and micropayments apps account for 70% of all money transfer and P2P China and Singapore where superapps operates NFTS : Non fungible tokens are apart of today new Metaverse and web 3.0 digital economy Grocery : We offer two separate grocery delivery options 30 minutes express and normal 3-4 hours delivery Parcel Delivery : Last mile delivery service industry is worth 8.7 Billion adding this service to our platform really completes our ecosystem Travel : Travel is on the bucket list of all humans merging this sector of the economy, gives us a more competitive advantage Entertainment : Our platform offers entertainment services similar to Netflix and amazon, along with our unique feature of subscription for independent creator

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